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    patients database



      patients database


           I am a surgeon and need to set up a database of patients and their operations and scans. I am pretty much a FMP novice. 

           I would like an opening page of demographics (a bit like customers) and separate pages/layouts/tables for their surgeries and scans. I have that setup at the moment using tables and relationships and a unique id using key fields. I have a button on the demographics page which runs a script to create a new related record on the surgery page , and similar for the scan page. I would like that related record to be unique (ie just one record) for that patient and be linked back to that patients demographics by a button. What I have now is new multiple/duplicate records every time I click the script button from demographics , and when i click my go to layout button to get back to the patient demographics it goes (as expected) to the table not the record.

           I haven't populated it yet so it can change.

           I have a feeling this would have all been easier sticking to a single table but I am not sure how to do it .

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               Can I suggest you use tabs? Attached is a screen shot of a project I am working on.

               It has a client table and a number of related tables such as Measures which include K10 and PHQ results.

               By having tabs I can use the client table for the layout but include data from other tables.

               If some tables will have more than 1 record I use a portal (for example the phone call tab has a portal that records dates of call and details of what was discussed. Each time you add a new call it creates a new related record in the calls table).


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                 SIDEBAR:  Andy that is a nice design.  

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                   Good  stuff Andy. Very nicely done and exactly what I needed. Many thanks.