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Pattern count

Question asked by david583 on Feb 24, 2011
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Pattern count


Filemaker Pro10 & 11 (built on 10), Filemaker 11 Server, shared network, windows XP & vista


I am trying to get a count of 'Administrator' in my privilege field on my User Table.

The user table is accessed by portal, which is on a layout based on a different table.

the privilege field is set to hold 'Administrator', 'User' and 'Guest' only by drop down list. I only want one administrator.

In my 'create new user' script I want to test this field, if the result is > or = to 1, It stops the user being created.

On my user table I have created a calculated field : 'PatternCount ( privilege_set ; "Administrator" )'

My problem is it doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure if it is the syntax of the calculation or the fact that it is on a layout the table is not on.

Any help would be appreciated :)