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Pattern Count

Question asked by Annette on Apr 4, 2013
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Pattern Count



     I have on my database a field called TItles which is the persons job title. 

     I then have another field that combines first and last name which I had a pattern count in to only show certain titles. 

     If(PatternCount ( Title;"Title 1") + PatternCount ( Title;"TItle 2"); LName  &  ","  &   " "  &  FName; ""  )

     All well. 

     But, there are LOADS of titles now and I was wondering if there was a way to do the pattern count the opposite way now just not sure how to set it properly.  Basically if there are 50 Titles, I want to show 45 of them.  So it's easier clearly to eliminate the five and show remaining rather than list all 45 as the pattern count above would require. 

     How would it be written to omit those few?  I tried a couple options but no go.  Always told me I had too many ) or not enough or something so didn't know where I was writing it wrong.