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PatternCount HELP

Question asked by JoshPoplawski on Nov 21, 2011
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PatternCount HELP


Ok, pattern count is only counting one particular record from a table. Let me explain.

I have a "Leave Records_LS" table where leave requests are stored. each leave request has a field (called, "Time Blocks Leave Falls in") with 4 check boxes. "1" check box to requst leave from 0700 to 1300, "2" check box for 13 to 1900, "3" check box for 19 to 0100 and "4" for 01 to 0700 then next day. 

Options "1", "2", "3" and "4" are all set in a value list under the "time block" field.

On a seperate layout (Called "Leave Sheet" ) I have a field "Allocated block 1". What i want is for "Allocated block 1" to give me the number of all the records where the "1" check box has been checked (keep in mind a requester may check 1 to all the check boxes 1,2,3,and 4 in any combinaiton). 

"Leave Records_LS" and "Leave Sheet" are related by date.

I have done: PatternCount ( Leave Records_LS::Time Blocks Leave Falls in ; "1" )

however only the first record in the Leave Records_LS for the records that match the Leqave Sheets date is coutned. the pattern coutn doesn't aknowledge the other records at all. I dont' know what the problem is. please help.