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    Pause / Resume Script



      Pause / Resume Script


      Anyone know of any functions or wording i could use in an if statement to check if a script is currently paused?

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          There is no way for a script to return a pause status... because it is paused. When paused, a script does nothing except wait for its timeout (if it has one) or for a user to press the continue button (or the enter/return key). Because it does nothing, it can not run an if statement.


          Through the data viewer and in field calculations, you could find out which script is running by typing "get (scriptname)" and you could set a variable in the script prior to and after pausing to indicate its pause status. That is the best one could hope for. 

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            setting a variable to check pause status, always the easist solution the eludes us :)   Thanks for the help, I just want it so i can run some conditional formatting and highlight my custom pause button so the secretary don't forget about it.