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    Pause Timeout whilst data is being entered



      Pause Timeout whilst data is being entered


      Hi - We have a diary system where every member of staff has a personal diary page (record) in a DB containing a field which is accessable and editable by every other member of staff. When a record is opened and the Diary field (which is itself a Button) accessed it triggers a script that limits access (Duration - a 60 second pause) before it Timesout and the field closes - this is so the field cannot be left 'open' and therefore inaccessable to others. I would like the Duration to start counting down only when there has been 5 seconds (or so) of inactivity in the field. Also, if someone pauses then continues entering data I would like the Timeout to reset so as long a sdata is being entered the Timeout is paused. I hope this makes sense and is possible?

      I've attached a screengrab of the current crude script.