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    Pause/Continue not working with Enter Key.



      Pause/Continue not working with Enter Key.



      FM9 Pro Advanced

      Microsoft XP


      I go to a screen that displays and allows you to Enter/Modify Shooter Name & Address information.  Works well.


      I have placed a Button on this form named “FIND”.

      When you press this button I execute a script that does the following:


      Go To Field[ShooterRecord::ShooterFindNumber]

      Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]

      Go To Record/Request/Page [no dialog;(I calculate a valid record number here)]

      Go To Field[ShooterRecord::ShooterFirstName]


      After pressing the FIND BUTTON it moves the focus to the FindNumber field.

      Then the system pauses giving me the time to enter a value.

      The status area has a Continue and a Cancel button displaying and if I depress the continue button it works fine.

      I want to hide the status area and use the ENTER key.

      If I depress the ENTER key after entering a value in the FindNumber field the system sets the focus to the FirstName field but does not Go To the record requested and the two buttons in the STATUS AREA are still there.  If I depress the continue button at this time the system moves to the record requested.


      Why does the enter key not work?


      In the Field Behavior for ShooterFindNumber

      I have unchecked the In Browse mode and the In Find mode.

      I have checked all three boxes in the Go to next object using area.


      I have tried all three terminator keys. Return, Enter and Tab.


      Is there a script command that will do the same as the continue button in the status area?



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          Since you're using windows, you have two buttons labeled "enter" and FMP does not respond to them identically unless you have set the field's behavior accordingly. Which button are you pressing, the enter key just above the Shift button or the one that's part of the numeric key pad? Filemaker treats the one on the numeric key pad as "enter" and the one above shift as "return".


          In your shooterFindNumber field, set the behavior so that "go to next object using .... enter" is NOT selected.


          Now run your script and press the numeric key pad enter and you should see the response that you want.



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            Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


            I spent several hours trying every option I could find to get this to work. But now that I have spent the time I will never forget the solution.  So simple when you know the answer. 


            That's two Pizza's I owe you now.:smileywink: