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Pause/Resume Script to satisfy Rreally Custom Dialogue.

Question asked by d.justins on Aug 16, 2010
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Pause/Resume Script to satisfy Rreally Custom Dialogue.


Because filemaker doesn't allow a custom dialogue box with a drop-down menu, i made a layout that looks like a pop-up box and would satisfy what i need.

I wrote a script for this custom dialogue box that does some custom validation specific to its use. I plan on reusing this script (hopefully) over and over. However, i haven't been able to insert this in a script and pause the script to let the user input in the box, select "okay" (performing valdiation and closing the box), then continuing the script.

I could have used the pause for a specifc time interval, however my users want things to happen on their terms (any time would be too long and too short overall). So, i was wondering if it is possible to pause the script, waiting for the input of the other script, then to resume it on the user's input instead of a timed interval.