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Pausing Scripts

Question asked by johnhorner on Aug 28, 2011
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Pausing Scripts


i am having a little difficulty.  i have a database that tracks "to do" items.  i am working on the interface for creating new to do items.  currently i have it set up so that the user clicks on a button which launches the first part of a routine to create a new to do item.  it basically just opens up a new layout and then pauses the script indefinitely for the user to input the required information into temp global fields pending user ok to create a new record and fill in with the information from the global fields.  i don't want this script to proceed until the user ciicks ok at the bottom.

however, if the user types information into one of the text fields and then hits enter, rather than exit that field, it continues the script before the user can fill in more information.  how can i prevent this so that the user can enter information into several text fields and hit return or enter without continuing the script?

similarly, on this layout there is a field for assigning a related contact.  to do so, the user clicks on a button which opens up a new search layout so that the user can lookup the id for the contact they want to associate to this to do item.  the same problem happens here whereby if the user enters in the search criteria and hits enter or return to initiate the script which finds the matching contacts, rather than exit the search field and launch that script, it continues the paused script.  only then a second hit on the return or enter key performs the desired lookup script.

is there anyway to force the user to stay on the desired layouts until they have hit the "ok" or "cancel" buttons as intended?

any thoughts greatly appreciated.