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    Payment Coupon - SubSummary?



      Payment Coupon - SubSummary?


      Hi, I need to create a payment coupon for our billing statements.  Already have the billing statement working nicely. Tried creating a sub-summary at bottom of the statement layout, but it gave a message saying the subsummary part already exists with the field name I'm tyring to use. Because I want to duplicate the data fields that now exist in the top of the billing statement, down below on the payment coupon, I tried to use the same field by which to summarize the records as is used at the top of the statement.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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          The field you select while creating a sub-summary part is the field on which you will sort your records so that records of the same value in this field will be grouped together under/above the same sub-summary part. You can put any combination of fields that work for you into the sub-summary and none of them need to be the field you selected as the sort field.


          The obvious answer is to make your payment coupon part of the sub-summary part that you've already created if both are to be based on the same sort field. I suspect that some aspect of your layout design is preventing that. If so, then describe your layout in more detail and maybe someone can suggest a fix.

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               Hey, that was a very quick response.  I've discovered that there is already a Trailing Subsummary part in which I can put the fields and it is working now.  Thank you very much for the assistance.