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Payment instalments - lay-by - lay-away

Question asked by james.galmont on Jun 5, 2010
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Payment instalments - lay-by - lay-away


I need some help with building in a multiple payments ( or lay-by / lay-away) feature into my  ‘point-of-sale’ database.


The business flow is:

Customers buy products, but sometimes they start with a deposit then pay off the balance in installments.


Currently the database follows a standard table structure:







Currently the SALES layout includes a portal for LINE ITEMS, which displays PRODUCT details and price etc.

Each SALE can contain multiple (different) LINE ITEMS


So far that is a pretty standard set-up.


But it would be great for the solution to accommodate multiple payments, which reduce the ‘Balance Owing’ accordingly.

-Each payment would need to print a separate receipt, which reflects the original SALE (i.e. Sale Date, Product(s), Sale Total etc.) but also includes the current date, current payment amount / installment, and the updated balance owing.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


(using Filemaker 10 Adv. Mac OS 10.6.3 - intermediate FM developer)