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Payments: Month to date, Year to Date

Question asked by IlseVerhaert on Nov 20, 2013
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Payments: Month to date, Year to Date




               I am quite a FileMaker novice and in need for some support...

               I work for a social business providing microcredits to communities (we sell water filters to the families of that community). Each community collects the money from their families on a monthly basis and deposit this to us. In total we have five different kinds of payment plans (One community always sticks to one kind of payment plan, but some communities have other payment plans than others)

               On both month to date, and year to date basis, I want to keep track of:

               - the actual payments each community did
               - the payments each community should have made (as they not always pay what they are supposed to pay), which will be related to the payment plan

               Your help will be appreciated!!