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Payroll starting off point

Question asked by HeidiStewart on May 21, 2013


Payroll starting off point


     Ok I’m starting a new database, I could use some help starting off on the right foot.  Here is what I know:

     I will have between 20-40 employees, so that’s one table to list my employees with names address etc.

     I need to enter hours worked for each person per day (not a sign in and out time, just a lump sum of hours).  But I need the option to be able to split up the hours and allocate some of each persons hours per day towards specific jobs.  So I’ll need a table to list my jobs, and a “General” job to cover all the hours not specifically assigned to a job.

     I need a layout to enter the daily hours, but I want it split by week so each record in my time sheets should cover Saturday through Friday.   With a spot to enter only the employees who worked that week and then add in their total hours worked, and allocate some of those hours to specific jobs.  The jobs will be labeled using the address of the house the work was done at.  (ex: 73 Logan St). 

     Then I will need a summary of the hours assigned to each job, and the summary of hours for each person.

     I need a layout that looks like a paystub, that takes the # hours worked for that week (paystubs should be done per week not bi-weekly) and calculate how much CPP, EI, Federal Tax and Provincial Tax they owe.

     I will also need a remittance sheet done up every 3 months (Jan –Mar; Apr-Jun; July-Sept; Oct-Dec).  Showing how much each employee paid out during those three months in CPP, EI, taxes (combine Fed and Provincial) and Gross.  So the boss can calculate his contributions CPP(employee contribution x2) EI(employee contribution x2.4) Tax(employee contribution x 1)

     I’ll need some fields that add up all the amounts and keep a running total to use on the paystubs as Year To Date.

     The complicated part is that each person will get a raise at some point during the year, and when is never known in advance, nor is it the same for each person.  So I need a way to increase their hourly rate but so that it only affects the pay stubs on a go forward basis and doesn’t change their previous pay stubs.