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Payroll, Taxes and Filtering help needed.

Question asked by petek157 on Apr 27, 2011
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Payroll, Taxes and Filtering help needed.



Ive racked my brains on this as long as I can handle with out throwing my computer out the window.

What I am trying to do is set up a payroll system.  What I have so far is an employee table with employee and pay info, and a labor table where I am entering daily time reports. And a payroll summary report listing all information about a given pay day record (pay date, employee, gross pay, taxes withheld from employee, taxes paid by employer etc.)

I have everything working to the point of having to start figuring payroll taxes.  If anyone is familiar with quickbooks, I am working on a Payroll Summary that I can filter using dates.  I have that all working, again to the point of figuring payroll taxes.

My main issue is how payroll taxes are figured.  For example, Unemployment insurance is say 10% of employees gross pay. BUT there is an annual $9000.00 gross pay limit.  Meaning that we are only liable to pay 10% on the first $9000.00 that the employee makes for the year and we dont pay anymore for the remainder of the current year for that employee. I think that I have a calc that will do this but I cant figure out a part of the calc.

Im trying to figure out how to sum up the employees gross pay for the current year automatically so every year I dont have to manually change to the new year.  I tried using a portal in the employee table listing the employees pay days filtering the portal manually with a = 2011 filter.  It works to only list the pay information from 2011 but when I put in a employee::sumfield outside the portal it sums all of the pay items (2010,2011,and a test date with 2012).

To sum up I want to:
Enter an employes time. (works)
Have all of the taxes figured keeping in mind that there are annual limits. (not working)
Use a list report to "Find" payroll information based on different criteria Dates, Jobs, Employees etc. (Kinda working. Can probably figure out once I have the tax portion working).

I am obviously going to keep working on this hopeing to figure it out myself, but in the mean time if anyone has some guidance for me I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,