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    PC - Mac Graphics Sharing Issues



      PC - Mac Graphics Sharing Issues


      Hi all,


      I've created a FileMaker (v.9) DB on my MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard) with beautiful graphic buttons. We decided to host this DB on a PC (Vista: FM v.9) to share between 2 computers on our LAN. Everything works great, except...


      The beautiful graphic buttons appear as black scribbles on the PC! They still appear fine on my Mac. I created them by copying GIF, JPG, and PNG files and pasting them into filemaker as graphic buttons.


      Can you help? What have I done wrong?





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          Howdy Gesar,

          Welcome to the forum.


          You haven't done anything wrong except to not expect it.  It's the nature of the beast(s).


          Try moving the images themselves to a PC and putting them into your database from the PC platform.  This works 99+% of the time for me.


          I build on PC, but most of our Dbases were originally developed on Mac.  When I come across a weird graphic, I:

          - copy it to the Mac clipboard

          - paste it into Powerpoint

          - move the PPoint file onto a PC

          - copy it from PPoint to the PC clipboard

          - put it back onto the layout from the PC (and reconnect the function).

          - then it typically is correctly rendered on both PC and Mac.


          See if that doesn't work for you as well.

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            Thanks, Ninja!


            That makes a funny kind of sense in the strange world of PC-Mac compatilibility issues. I'll give it a try.



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                 You could also try using Insert Picture instead of copy/pasting; using the clipboard to move graphics between applications is not the best way.