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Question asked by firebase on Apr 24, 2014
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PC Konfigurator


     I habe one table that contains for example PC parts.

     Itemname         Pt. Number   Price       Type

     Case1              00001           12,34        Case

     Cass2              00002           23,45        Case

     Mainboard1     00003          111,23        Mainboard

     Mainboard1     00004          123,23       Mainboard

     HD1                 00005           90,23       HD

     HD2                 00006           95,23       HD

     And so on

     Now i want to have dropdown fields to choose the Itemname for each Type group to have it displaying the other two fields, price and Partnumber to have a total price at the end of all parts.

     I am sitting since hours and not getting really on thetrack on how to solve this.

     Any ideas?