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    pc to mac



      pc to mac


           when i run script that worked in pc (just changed path)  everything works except saveing pdf  -  i get  "use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk  -  trying to save to desktop  -  file named Alerts  -  folder not locked  -  any suggestions?   

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               Most likely, the filepath specified is invalid on your PC. It's not the only possibility, buty 9 times out of ten, it's the reason for this error message. Most of the other possibilities are listed in error messages. Attempting to save the PDF to a location for which the current user does not have "Write" permission is another.

               You may find this thread on File Paths and $Path variables helpful: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

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                 One problem I recently had was a difference in printer settings where the printer settings had been changed to landscape and a layout in portrait gave an error while creating a pdf.

                 It gave the sae error you are talking about and I of course did not immediatly think about a format problem.

                 I assumed it was a path problem, or a missing folder. But eventually it turned out to be a problem where the layout didn't fit into the printer settings.

                 This might not be the case with you but you never know.

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                   filemac:/ & Get ( DesktopPath ) & /alerts/&/$PdPatch  -  does this look right?  -  as first mac how does it handel pdf files  -  do i need adobe pdf reader like pc does? 

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                     I believe the cause is your use of un escaped "/" characters. Not sure though. I recently had the same message when including ":" in a file name. Doh!

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                       Here is a sample that saves to a PDF folder on the desktop.  This sample works with windows and mac.


                       note you will need to already have a pdf folder on the desktop for this sample. 

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                         filemac:/macintosh hd:/users/me/desktop/alerts/$PdPatch


                         filemac:/macintosh:/users/me/desktop/alerts/$PdPatch  none works

                         tried get*  functions  -  s chamblee    What is ment by "PDF folder"?  is this something special in mac?   -     




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                           will not work for windows. Substitute file: and you can get a path calculation that works on both platforms if you use a get function to generate the path to a "standard folder" such as the desktop or documents.

                           I recommend the link on $path variables that I posted earlier. It includes a down load link to a tutorial file on file paths that should help you learn more about how to construct valid path expressions such as:

                           Set Variable [ $Path ; Value: "file:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "MyPDFfilename.PDF" ]

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                             No it's nothing special, just the name of a folder to hold pdf files.  Your script uses a Alerts folder, my sample use PDF folder.    The sample script does not create a folder, so the folder must already be on the desktop, in Windows and Mac Os.   file: works with mac os and windows.  PhilModJunk sample above will put the PDF on the desktop.  My sample will put the PDF into the PDF folder (a Folder Named PDF) located on the desktop.  You can modify the sample to use alerts folder.  

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                               well two days and finally got it to work  -  dont know what i had wrong  -  one thing i just saw, that helped name pdf correctly and put the pdf in folder was   -  chamblee script, the folder named "pdf" in script     Get ( DesktopPath ) & "pdf/".........PDF"      had a / inserted  -  thanks all input  - ill be back

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                                 Actually the original error message told you what was wrong.  There was no file named "alert" on the Mac.  You must have had a Folder on PC named "alert".

                                 All helpers that answered you are robust experts.smiley

                                 It seems you are working cross platform and there are many pitfalls if you don't clearly understand Filepaths.

                                 I strongly recommend Phil's link.  Open his scripts to see how he makes each example work.