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PC to Mac file

Question asked by amyperl on Apr 2, 2009
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PC to Mac file


I have a zip disk with a filemaker file I need to access. The file was created on a PC, using software that I"m guessing is +/- 8 years old.  (The last time the database was edited was early 2003).  I have a mac (OSX) and am wondering, if I  can find a way to get this document onto my computer (I don't have a zip drive, someone with one said they can try to email the file to me even though they don't have filemaker), I"m wondering if I will be able to open it on my computer if I buy the new version of filemaker or download the test version (I don't have filemaker on my computer yet), and if anyone has any advice on bugs I may encounter in the process.  Thank you.