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PC vs AppleMac printing Difference

Question asked by TuxfordC on Aug 25, 2012
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PC vs AppleMac printing Difference


 I maintain a couple of Filemaker 9 databases that run on a Mac system and am developing another, using  a macnine running WinXP.  With XP, the Print Setup gives me an option of Printing (a) Records being browsed (b) Current record, or (c) Blank record showing fields. This appears regardless what I am printng to - have five options available.      When this programme is transferred to the Mac, the Dialog Box showing these options does not appear and in one case only a singe page is printed, even though several have been specified in the progamme and have been found ready for print.

Is this a known anomaly?   I have noted that a couple of Text formatting options available on the PC are absent when programming on the Mac too.

Thanks, Tuxford C.