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           have read some other posts about pdfs and container fields  and used filemaker help  -  is it correct you cant open pdf in container field?  -  can you have more than one pdf in container field  -  when i tried storage for pdf see its putting all pdfs in one field  -  is there away to have pdfs entered in different records?   

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               You store one PDF to a container field, but you can use a set of related records to store multiple PDF's by storing one in the container field with each record.

               If you enable the "interactive" optimization option for your container field, you can use Insert PDF to insert the file, but you will not be able to double click the field to open the file. But you can use export field contents to export a copy of the file to a designated location and open that copy. This can be set up as a script so that the user simply clicks a button to open the file. But with the interactive optimization option specified, you can view the entire PDF contents from within the container field.

               If you use Insert PDF to insert the PDF and also specify, the "Store a reference" option, then you can open the PDF by double clicking the field. What you cannot do in this case, however, is view the contents of the PDF file from within the field.

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                 Container fields with the interactive optimization doesn't display in a portal.


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                   "interactive" optimization option   -  i have 10  is this in 12  -  cant find

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                     Insert PDF and Interactive Optimization are new features in Version 12--it's always a good idea to identify the version we are using to minimize confusion.

                     In your case, the operating system you are using can make a difference. If you have a Mac system, you can use Insert Picture to insert a PDF and you will be able then to see the first page of the PDF in the container field, but you lose the ability to open the file by double clicking the container field. If you use this method, export field contents must be used to open the file.

                     In both Macs and Windows, you can use insert file to insert the PDF and if you select store a reference, you can double click the container field to open the file. If you do not select "store a reference", you must once again use export field contents.

                     In Windows, you will also have the option to use Insert Object or to drag and drop the file from outside FileMaker into the container field (which does the same thing as Insert Object). While this produces a result where once again you can double click the container field to open the file, I strongle recommend against Inserting Objects into FileMaker Container fields. Here's why:

                     1) It's a method not supported in Mac systems nor in any version of FileMaker 12.

                     2) Inserted objects cannot be exported from the field. The only way to extract the object from the container field is to open each file and use the application that opened it to save a copy to a specified location. This can't be scripted as a batch operation like you can with any other data inserted by one of the other methods.

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                       in 12 will i be able to use as attachment or print  -  wont use until i get 12 tks

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                         You can attach PDF's to email in both FileMaker 11 and 12.

                         Neither version can print the PDF as a separate document, but if the first page is visible in the container, you can print the layout and the visible page will be printed as part of that layout.

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                           A FileMaker "Container" field type is called CONTAINER for a reason.


                            receptacle, vessel, canister, can, box, holder, repository.
                           FMP can Contain and not Interact with the contents directly.
                           Thus allowed container field contents can be many things such as these file types [ jpg,png,mov,snd,pdf,gif.....]
                           FMP can not edit or change those file type from within FMP.
                           You must use an external application like Adobe Reader or iPhoto to manipulate those file types.
                           From within FMP you can Export the Container field contents and OPEN that Exported file with the appropriate Exteranal Application and the contents of the FMP Container field will remain unchanged.