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PDF and Email Script Issue

Question asked by productionQC on May 8, 2013
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PDF and Email Script Issue



     I have a database running on a server via FMPS 12.  The database has been created and edited on my PC running FMPA 12 on windows 7.  The script works perfect.  However, when another user performs the same script, it crashes the program.  I have tried it on another windows 7 machine running FMP 12 and yet again on another machine running FMP 12 on XP.  If a user tries this script on any other machine, it crashes FMP and you must restart the program.  It appears to crash right at the point the PDF was being created, perhaps a path issue???  Just can't figure out why it works on my machine using FMPA 12 and Win7.  Please see the screen capture of my script below...

     Thank you,