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    PDF Background Prints Well from Mac, Bad from PC



      PDF Background Prints Well from Mac, Bad from PC


      Doing a simple layout for a client to print merge letters in FMP 10. Mixed Mac and PC network. I'm trying to print a layout with fields placed onto a background comprised of a PDF document.


      I was given a PC Word doc with their logo and address across the top and board of directors list down the left side. The goal is to use this as a background on a FMP 10 layout and simply place the merge codes into the "letter" to create quickie merged letters.


      I transferred it to a Mac, opened it in Mac Word and printed in OSX 10.5.6 to a PDF file. Test print from Preview to their color laser looks great. I then placed the PDF file onto a layout in FMP 10 database and printed from the Mac. Also this looks great. Switch to a PC, using the same layout, and printed to the same printer and output looks all jagged and blurred.


      I then tried placing the source PDF file onto the FMP 10 layout from a PC. The FMP insert process asked me to create a file from the source and then it finished by placing the PDF as a background onto the FMP layout. However, printing the layout from FMP 10 yields the same jagged result.


      I suspect this is a simple matter of getting the right file format. Any suggestions would be welcome. 


      Issue is getting the PDF background to print with fine resolution from the PC's.