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    PDF container not previewing or printing



      PDF container not previewing or printing


      So this is the first time I have ever been asked to print a PDF preview on a layout.

      My guess is that it should work but it isn't.

      So I have a 1 page PDF in an interactive field on a layout - shows fine in Browse mode but not in preview and doesn't print either.

      This is on a Win7 64bit machine, running FM12 and Fm13.

      Tried with Acrobat Reader X and DC - same result. IE Acrobat add-on enabled and disabled (in which case loading a record opens the whole Acrobat).

      Tried on another machine - same result.

      Tried replacing the PDF with a JPG - works fine. Printed the JPG to a PDF and back into the container - doesn't print\preview.

      Even tried playing with base64encoding, same result, ok in browse but doesn't print.

      Are my expectations too high? shouldn't this work?


      Appreciate any input on this....