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    PDF email invoice on various system - help



      PDF email invoice on various system - help



      I have a script that saves a pdf about 250k file then creates a pdf and attaches the pdf and also keeps the pdf as reference on my server shared folder.


      My only problem now is im connecting to the fms from outside the network on a laptop and a ipad too and when click the invoice button it cant find the shared folder ovoiosuly as im not in the local network.


      how can i go around this without makeing a outside shared network folder which is very insecure?



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          What version of FMP Server are you running?


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            Google "email attach pdf fmps site:forums.filemaker.com"    

            Email PDF attachment on FM-server from client    posted September 27, 2010

            Email PDF attachment on FM-server from client
            I am a using FMserver 9 adv.  working from remote 3 locations over internet.
            I want my invoices to be saved on the server, saved as:    Date &-& InvoiceNr &-& Last_Name
            Then be able to email the PDF,  from local computer(s) that are connected with the server using "open remote"
            Script step  "save records as pdf" is too limited, (FM shows only local directories) (no "save-as" file-name calculation)
            (can't add  send to, as calculation in send-to field)
            Send Post does not attach email from
            I have no experience with apple-script, yet viewing other posts, seems the only way-to-go...
            I would like to have a step-by-step plan to do this
            1 ) make Invoices directotory  server/library/Filemaker Server/
            2) etc..
            Looked at other posts, could not find answer, In case I overlooked, can anyone send me the answer-post ?
            Can't imagine I am the only one having this issue..

            POST Try this:
            Set up a shared directory that all users can mount on their systems.
            Set up Save as PDF to save to this shared directory. If a server script cannot do this for you, you can set up a FileMaker Pro "Robot" file to login as a client and perform this operation. To set this up, you use an OS based scheduler to open the robot file. A script set to be performed then kicks in and performs the operations you've wanted to schedule, but can't get a server scheduled script to do. (We use this method to export data from one file to another every evening.)

            Setting up a robot file isn't any more difficult than setting up a server scheduled script to run in server. Whether that's a good approach for you,
            only you can decide.

            1. Create a simple FileMaker file, no records, no tables need be defined.
            2. Write a two line script in this file and set it up in File Options so that it runs when the file opens:
              Perform Script [//Select a script in a hosted file that does what you need from a "client" perspective]
              Exit Application  // or possibly close File
            3. Use a Operating system based scheduler such as Windows Task Scheduler to set up when this file is "run".

            a script step to save a pdf as:  "calculation"
            I can see how that would be more convenient, but since we can't, I've already suggested an approach where you due the calculation separately and store the result in a variable. The variable can then be used to specify the file name and path of the saved PDF.
            I can't really recommend any add on's or plug ins, but you never know what a global search might pull up in this area...

            Email script to send a PDF invoice     posted January 7, 2011
            Email script to send a PDF invoice


            Broken? Save Records as PDF (Create email with file as attachment) Script Step in FMGo1.2      posted June 12, 2012

            Broken? Save Records as PDF (Create email with file as attachment) Script Step in FMGo1.2
            I have a button that is scripted to create a PDF and then attach it to an email. This has worked beautifully in FMP11/FilemakerGo 1.1.
            Guess what? It's broken in FMP/FMGo 1.2, even though it is documented as a valid FMGo 1.2 function on page 17 in the FMGo 1.2 Dev guide. A PDF gets created, and that's it. No emailing.
            The workaround? Tap Gear icon in upper right -> tap Print -> tap PDF -> tap Email.
            Yeah! Four taps vs one. Obviously, not grand.

            Thank you for your post.
            In FileMaker Go 1.2, I am able to use the "Save Records as PDF" either using the "Create email with file as attachment" option, or following the script step with a Send Mail step.  Does the email message appear?  Is there an email account active on that iOS device?
            Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

            FileMaker, Inc.



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              You can connect to your local network wireless through your router.  There no differance wired or wireless.   You connect your ipad or notebook to your wireless router.  If you are out of range of your local router and you are trying to connect through the internet then your server or router needs a public ip address.  

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                Hi ive just upgraded to FMS12, FMP12 and Go 12.


                Also as i mentioned in the first post, i have the invoicing pdf setup perfectly fine in the intranet its when i go out of this that the probple is.

                Im not talking about moving from lan to wireless, im talking about leaving the network completely like being out at a customers and using 3g.