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    PDF file has insufficient data



      PDF file has insufficient data


           Using save pdf function in a script with $variable specifying file name (saves file no problem )

           follows script fine but when I check the pdf adobe file it comes up with error message "insufficient data for an image"

           and then "a drawing error occurred"

           had me stumped as I have used same setup in another database and it works fine

           I removed an imported picture that was on the layout and now it works fine

           this graphic is a company letterhead and logo that I cannot recreate in filemaker

           how can I add this to the top of my page

           is a global container the only way to go


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               Have been playing with other images most worked but there was another one that caused the sme message

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                 What file type is the problem image file? Is it the same file type in each case? (You may have discovered a bug that needs to be reported in Report an Issue.)

                 You should not need a container field of any kind in order to add a graphic to a layout if you always want this graphic to appear when you access, print or save as PDF from it. You should be able to use the Insert menu while in layout mode to add this graphic directly to the layout. (But do not select the "Store a reference" option when you do so...)

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                   File was a jpeg

                   I ended up opening the file with paint and resaved it with a new name

                   and this fixed the problem

                   the file was taken from another computer(running very old windows) with a thumb drive

                   adobe had trouble with the files when I tried to open them directly

                   so I don't think it was a problem in filemaker

                   Thanks for your help