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    PDF File Insert



      PDF File Insert


      I created a container field for storing pdf files and have no trouble getting them into the database, however I am having trouble opening them once I store them. I'm storing them in the db and did not select the external storage option. In addition the field format is shown below. I would have thought a simple double click would open the file, but for some reason it's not working.


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          Double clicking a container field optimized for interative content as you have discovered.

          If you use insert file, not insert PDF to insert the PDF, specify "store a reference" and do not select the interactive content option, then you can double click your container field to open the pdf.

          Another option is to add a button for this to your layout that uses Export Field Contents to export a copy of the file to temporary items or some such location and then open the copy.

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            Still a little confused. What is the best solution if I want the pdf files to be stored in the database for the long term. Just need to be able to pull them back up for reference once inserted.

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              There's no simple answer.

              I want the pdf files to be stored in the database

              Does that mean that you want to embed the files? (Insert with out the store a reference option)

              If so, Export field contents is your only option for opening the file unless you size the interactive container field large enough to read your PDF and simply use it to read your PDF document.

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                Steve, I have done what you want to do which is "embed" the PDF in the file.

                The Good news is...

                You back up the embedded file, you back up your PDF's too and in multi-users data base they can view it immediately.

                The Bad news is...

                My embedded file grew to be 16GB size [no end in sight ], has some long time delays when indexing and shifting records, and when multi-use is from web the DSL speeds are taxed.

                The Great news is...

                FMP12 lets you NOT embed the file by storing a file reference [file path only] and still lets mult-users see the PDF.  Before FMP12 the others users couldn't view a referenced document on the layout.  FMP12 lets them see it without Exporting the Field to a temporary file.

                Plus if you store all your PDF files in the same Folder [directory] backed up can be done easier for large storage sizes.

                I would NOT embed the PDF's.


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                  I'll take your advice and set up a seperate fold for the pdf's. Thanks for the help.

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                    I am doing something wrong because no matter what I do I'm not able to open the PDF once the reference is stored in the database. I can see the contents but cannot open the pdf file. My preference is to store a reference and put all the pdf's in their own folder which will be backed up along with the database. Now for some reason I cannot open or delete the PDF reference once it has be inserted into the field. It does not matter if I insert a pdf or a "file" (pdf) I still cannot open it even though I can see it in the field.

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                      What method are you using to open the inserted file?

                      Did you specify the "store a reference" option when inserting the file?

                      Did you try using export field contents to open the file?

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                        Problem solved. I've been assuming the double click would open it. I didn't realize I had to do an export. Thanks for all the help!