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    PDF file not updating image



      PDF file not updating image


      Hello everyone, just a crazy thing happened.  When trying to re-send a pdf that has an updated image. The image on the layout is correct but pdf file shows old image from the from the original send.  My art is linked as  a reference. All other layouts update the correct image...so don't quite whats happening with the pdf.  

      Any help would be great.


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          Just an Update.

          When I close filemaker and restart it...then the image is correct on the PDF. Go figure...


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            So is there something I need to do so that I don't have to close filemaker and re-start?

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              How is the image placed on the layout? is it in a container field or inserted by reference directly on the layout?

              I'm guessing it's inserted directly on the layout with the "store a reference" option. If so, you can change your layout design to use a container field to store the image (can be a global container field so that all records get the same image) or you might try using script steps to enter in and out of browse mode to see if that will force the layout to update...

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                It is a container field. The image is stored as a refernce link.

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                  It seems as if there is a problem with saving and re-saving with same file name...just my guess.


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                    Here is my thoughts on this.

                    -If you insert an image in the container field that has not had an image in it before and you save it as a pdf for email or whatever you should have no problems.

                    -If you change/update another image in the same container field...then try to save as pdf again it will have the old image in the pdf.

                    -While the pdf has this issue...everything else ie..layouts that have the same container field and when you print has no problems having the correct image.

                    -Here is what I have done....at first I just closed the databasefile and re-opened the database file and the problem "didn't" go away. Then I closed filemaker and re-opened filemaker and the database file and the issue fixed it self.

                    Anyone with similar experiences of this.


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                      Sounds like a bug to me. You can make a post to Report an Issue to see what the techs say. Rather than retype all of this, you can include a link to this thread if you want.

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                        Where would I go to do that?

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                          See the tab by that name at the top of this screen. When you post, you might clarify one point: Are you modifying the file referenced by the container field (and saving it) or are you inserting a reference to a different file?

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                            Jay P:

                            Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

                            I am unable to replicate the problem using either FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 or FileMaker Pro 11.0v3.  To insert the image as a reference, I had to place it on a volume that is accessible by both Windows and Macintosh computers, and you cannot insert a PDF file as a picture under Windows XP (however, I also tried it with JPG files).  Once I got that straightened out, I can change the file and save it, but the file is not immediately updated until I switch to another record and back again to refresh the image in cache.

                            You mentioned this is only happening on one layout, and all other layouts are displaying properly.  Therefore, try creating a new layout from scratch.  That is, do not duplicate the layout nor copy and paste the information from the old layout to the new layout.  Then, try it again.  Does this work?

                            Any other information you can provide may be helpful in replicating the issue.

                            FileMaker, Inc.

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                              same problem here with Filemaker Pro Advanced 11v3. And it's easy to replicate.
                              I created a new database with only a image field. One Script is importing pictures from a local folder as reference. Then save one dataset as pdf.

                              Now replace the printed Image in the folder with another picture but the same name. In the Filemaker Layout the changed picture is shown instantly.

                              Now save again as pfd. The old image is printed. We have tested this on several Computers, everytime the same behaviour.

                              I consider this a bug. It would be very nice, if Filemaker could fix this.

                              I have attached a picture with the result. The PDF is showing the old picture!

                              Best regards


                              olaf koehler

                              BTW... just tested this case with FM12 Pro. And here it works. BUT, upgrade to FM12 is not an option. So my question is. Will Filemaker further
                              deliver patches for FM11?


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                                Hello ?!

                                A answer would be nice.


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                                  Whether FileMaker would release a patch for a previous version of FileMaker is a policy decision to which a fellow user like myself has no access or influence and it's not something FileMaker Inc has ever announced in advance, but judging from past history with updates, it is extremely unlikely that any additional updates will be released for FileMaker 11 now that version 12 has been released.

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                                    But maybe TSGal could provide us with an answer. I think Filemaker should support at least the previous Version of a product.

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