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    pdf files do not display text box



      pdf files do not display text box


           Several of my forms are do no save properly as pdf files. They are not displaying some text boxes, including those in the header. However if I move the text boxes into the body they still don't display. The text boxes are not checked "hide when printing" although some objects nearby (they are not touching) are checked to "hide when printing."  The same form in preview displays the text box and prints properly. The problem seems to be in the conversion to pdf from FileMaker. I am using these versions of both software.

      Is there a known incompatibility between adobe and filemaker that would cause a text box to not display? Is there a way to correct the problem? Have I overlooked another setting?

           The image on the left is the form after converting to pdf. The image on the right is the same form in preview mode. It prints just like the preview image. As you can see, the header text box (business name and address) is missing in the pdf file.

           When I try to print the form in pdf it does say that it is "flattening the image" implying that Adobe interprets some of the FileMaker document as layers, but it does not produce the missing text box.

           I replaced some of the problem text boxes in case they had a glitch, but the new boxes had the same problem. I started this database in FMP 10, switched to Version 12 about a month ago to finish up.

      Currnet versions

           FMP Advanced Version 12.04

           Adobe Acrobat Pro Version 9.5.5



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               What storage option has been specified for the field in the header? Does the data that is missing come from one or more fields with global storage specified?

               Are you saving the PDF with the Records being browsed option and saving from a found set of multiple records?

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                 Hi Phil - thanks for replying

                 The business name and address is not a field, it is a simple text box in the header of the form layout. The save as PDF is set for "current record." A screen shot is attached of the settings for the pdf button, but it has the same problem if I use the "Save As PDF" button provied on Preview mode.

                 So far I've tried replacing the text box with a new one and moving the text box into the body. Neither results in the text box being displayed when converted to pdf. This affects several forms in the database.

                 Also I'm using Vista - not sure if all the software updates are tested with my 4 year old computer.


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                   Check and see if any part of the text object touches or crosses the boundary line between header and Body layout parts. If it does, move it up or resize it so that it is completely above that line.

                   If that's not the issue, is there by any chance any conditional formatting specified for the text object in question?

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                      As shown on the next screen shot, the text box is well within the header and has no conditional formatting.

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                       What happens if you create a brand new layout based on your Notes table and recreate this layout without copy and pasting anything from this layout?

                       Do you get the same results?

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                         It turns out ... the problem was the font. Adobe did not support Palatino so the text boxes didn't show up. When I changed the font to Arial, the text displayed in the pdf. Although I am exasperated that it took half a day and some of your time to figure that out, I'm glad it is a problem that is easy to fix. Image attached with new pdf on left and preview on right ... both bear the business name and address text box.

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                            I need to modify my conclusion. A Word document using Palatino font, as well as a Word text box with Palatino font, does indeed convert to Adobe pdf and display properly. The FileMaker text boxes with Palatino font did not convert to pdf.

                           So my revised conclusion is that the feature "Save As PDF" does not appear to support all fonts and may result in blank text boxes.

                           Also, thank you for your assistance, as always!

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                             Is this a Mac or Windows system?

                             If this is a Mac system, there may be a problem with your Palatino Font suitcase. This is a known issue with Mac systems caused by a damaged or duplicate font suitcase.

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                                I am using Windows (Vista) and the font in question is Palatino Linotype. I tested the conversion in both Word and Excel, and the font converts properly to pdf from those file types.

                               I have worked with customers who required Palatino, but in this case my customer will be happy with Times New Roman which, like Arial, converted properly.