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pdf files do not display text box

Question asked by JCrawford on Sep 26, 2013
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pdf files do not display text box


     Several of my forms are do no save properly as pdf files. They are not displaying some text boxes, including those in the header. However if I move the text boxes into the body they still don't display. The text boxes are not checked "hide when printing" although some objects nearby (they are not touching) are checked to "hide when printing."  The same form in preview displays the text box and prints properly. The problem seems to be in the conversion to pdf from FileMaker. I am using these versions of both software.

Is there a known incompatibility between adobe and filemaker that would cause a text box to not display? Is there a way to correct the problem? Have I overlooked another setting?

     The image on the left is the form after converting to pdf. The image on the right is the same form in preview mode. It prints just like the preview image. As you can see, the header text box (business name and address) is missing in the pdf file.

     When I try to print the form in pdf it does say that it is "flattening the image" implying that Adobe interprets some of the FileMaker document as layers, but it does not produce the missing text box.

     I replaced some of the problem text boxes in case they had a glitch, but the new boxes had the same problem. I started this database in FMP 10, switched to Version 12 about a month ago to finish up.

Currnet versions

     FMP Advanced Version 12.04

     Adobe Acrobat Pro Version 9.5.5