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PDF Form Fill

Question asked by meathead on Nov 7, 2008
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PDF Form Fill


I have a 3 page form that is currently downloadable in adobe pdf format.


I could print the form out and fill in the fields on paper by hand. This is the old way of doing things.


Here is what I would LIKE to do.


This project will have only three or four tables


Table 1 is a one record table for customer info

Table 2 is simple 2 field look up table

Table 3 is details table referencing some data from table 2

Table 4 is a different details table referencing data from table 2


1) Create a table 1 with all the data needed for that PDF form which is three pages


2)Table 2 3 and 4 I can do because they are easily done by filemaker


3) I want to print the data from Table one exactly on to the pdf page OR(and preferrably) have the Data from Table 1 superimposed ont top of the pdf image of the 3 pages. Then I could see it visually and then print it.


Any one know if this can be done

I am a newbie to filemaker so I don't know its capabilities.


Thanks in advance.