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    PDF Form Fill



      PDF Form Fill


      I have a 3 page form that is currently downloadable in adobe pdf format.


      I could print the form out and fill in the fields on paper by hand. This is the old way of doing things.


      Here is what I would LIKE to do.


      This project will have only three or four tables


      Table 1 is a one record table for customer info

      Table 2 is simple 2 field look up table

      Table 3 is details table referencing some data from table 2

      Table 4 is a different details table referencing data from table 2


      1) Create a table 1 with all the data needed for that PDF form which is three pages


      2)Table 2 3 and 4 I can do because they are easily done by filemaker


      3) I want to print the data from Table one exactly on to the pdf page OR(and preferrably) have the Data from Table 1 superimposed ont top of the pdf image of the 3 pages. Then I could see it visually and then print it.


      Any one know if this can be done

      I am a newbie to filemaker so I don't know its capabilities.


      Thanks in advance.

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          WOW WOW WOW:smileyvery-happy:WOW WOW WOW


          I answered my own question

          by taking the pdf form, saving it to a jpg in adobe elements


          I then imported it (the image) into the layout

          and then added the fields overtop the form exactly like i wanted.


          I can't believe how easy that was.


          Who has been hiding this program from ME ! LOLOL


          now I got form fill entered into a database.



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            Can you be more specific on 'how' you imported the jpg image?


            Today is the first day I've sat infront of FileMaker so talk to me like I'm an idiot.



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              1) in your project file create a new layout


              2) from the top menu in filemaker select "insert" and then "picture"


              3)  move or resize the jpg or png to fit thepage


              4) add fields to your hearts content


              5) you may have to move the picture "to the back"

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                you'd be much better off re-creating the forms inside filemaker layout view.


                Jpeg images that are good quality, can be quite large in size. This means if you create multiple layouts in the same manner (for example we have 200 layouts in one file) then the database will become unneccissarily large and it will get bloated, on a network with multiple users the speed of accessing layouts will slow down and access speeds will be reduced. Furthermore this will not work very well at all if you use IWP in the future to publish thelayouts to the web.


                As a temporary measure you can insert the picture of the form, thn use that to re-build the form within filemaker, once everything matches up perfectly, delete the background image.