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    PDF Graphs fuzzy on windows



      PDF Graphs fuzzy on windows


           am in the process of setting up automated client reporting for one of my clients, set to send out 2000+ reports a month, everything is fine however, when viewing the information on the screen it is clear, but when you save it as a PDF and open the pdf it appears unclear and the graphs look terrible, looks clearer when you print the pdf but viewing the pdf is horrible, any ideas?

           Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated

           The worst part is the line on a line graph is barely visible unless it is black (you are unable to change the thickness), problem is in windows, displays a bit clearer on mac

           also the fonts aren't the clearest

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               A free Win PDF creation utility  http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator   gives control of the quality of graphics.

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                 In Browse mode  you can Right click the container field to get the Export Field Contents... and the next window select..
                 Automatically open file....
                 This will create a temporary file and Open Adobe or Preview [Mac optional] with the PDF contents.
            Note that FMP is not a PDF file editor and viewing or printing from FMP there is a minor distoration or not crisp as it is from Adobe or Preview.
                 I normally put these files in  a Temporary Folder for houskeeping to be purged periodically.
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                   The PDF software I was using in FM 11 was CutePDF and it worked great.  In FM12 it was nasty.

                   I found DocuCom PDF Driver on my PC.  Not sure where or when I got it.  I changed the settings to Optimize for web, Embed all fonts for viewing and Lossless (level 100).

                   Now all my forms using FM12 and DocuCom view and print perfect. 

                   Give it a try and good luck