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PDF in a Container (Error 404)

Question asked by JustinRuzinok on Feb 5, 2014
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PDF in a Container (Error 404)



     I am having a very interesting problem with FileMaker 13 containers hosted on a Windows IIS box… I am getting an error 404 can not be found. When I look at the path, its not the path to the file, its to the root website… Physical Path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Streaming\MainDB\__filename____.pdf 

     If you use the Insert -> File… It places the PDF in there and you are able to see an icon of the pdf, but not the interactive pdf. Even though in the Inspector ->Data Tab -- Interactive Content (PDF, MP3, etc..) is selected.

Insert File -- then selecting the PDF

inspector showing the Data->Interactive (PDF) Checked

     If I use the Insert ->PDF… It gives the following Error:

Error 404 when inserting PDF

     Insert -> JPG works and is viewable. 

Insert JPG… Works and is viewable…

     Any thoughts?