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PDF In Container problem

Question asked by morellibros on Jan 16, 2014
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PDF In Container problem


     I have a Vehicle Maintenance Database that I use to keep track of maintenance on our Trucks.  When I get maintenance receipts I convert them into pdf files.  There is a container in the database so that I drag the pdf files into the container of eache record and it displays the pdf of the receipt as I scroll through the records.

     This week, however, when I open database the record the pdf automatically open in another window and no longer displays the pdf in the record.  When I move to a different record the same thing occurs open adobe reader in a separate window.  Ive been looking to see if there was some setting changed for 2 days and cannot find a thing. 

     FileMaker Pro 12v3

     Any suggestions?

     PS.  This only happens on one of 4 computers, all other computers functioning normally