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    PDF Output Dropping Data



      PDF Output Dropping Data


      If I output a record through a script as a pdf, I get the background graphic of the page on my pdf, but none of the data fields.

      If I output a pdf through printing, and save as pdf, the file saves correctly with the graphic and data fields intact.

      Any ideas what's going on and how I can fix it?


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          What happens if you pull up the data you want on this layout and use Save as PDF from the File menu instead of a script?

          This should tell us whether there is a problem with the script or not.

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            Sorry, slight correction to my original post. Some of the data fields are saving properly to a pdf and some are not. All the data fields save to the pdf if I print and save as a pdf.

            If I use the "Save/Send Records As" — "PDF" menu option and choose "Records being browsed" or "Current Record," not all data fields appear on the pdf.

            I even deleted the background graphic to see if that was causing the problem, but got the same result.

            Using FileMaker Pro 11.0v3

            Mac OS X 10.6.7

            2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


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              Just to be sure: You can see the data on the layout in front of you, you select Save/send Records as | PDF and the resulting PDF does not display the data in every field on the layout?

              If so, I can see you are using Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard has been a source of Font issues with FileMaker. Try entering Layout mode and changing the font of one of the fields where the data is not showing to a different plain vanilla font and see if they are then visible.

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                Weird, but bingo! The layout used the same font, but the areas that weren't printing were using the bold style of the font.

                So, until FileMaker fixes FileMaker or Apple fixes Snow Leopard (or releases Lion), it looks like I will have to print and save my pdfs if I want that font combo (which as a Macintosh user who cares about my design, I want).

                Of course, I think Apple (although I know you are owned by that company) would say that FileMaker has a font issue with Snow Leopard instead of the other way around.:-)

                Anyway, thanks for providing the answer to my question. Perhaps, others can benefit from our repartee.:-)

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                  I do not work for FileMaker or Apple.

                  Other apps besides FileMaker have had trouble with Snow Leopard due to font issues. I'm not a mac user so I can't speak from experience, only from what others have posted here. If you search this site or Apple's, you should be able to find info on how to fix this on your system. As I understand it, it comes from having a font or font suitcase with an issue that earlier versions tolerated and snow leopard does not. Removing or replacing the font or font suitcase should resolve the issue.