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PDF page size

Question asked by FilmUser on Jul 19, 2013
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PDF page size


     Hello -

     May not be strictly speaking a FM problem, but hoping for a little help.

     I am running FMP 11 on Mac Lion. I have the Adobe CS6 suite, including the full Acrobat Pro program.

     I have a layout I would like to print (save) to pdf as 11x17 size (to email to someone), but have no printer which supports that size. When in the page setup, I can find only my (Epson) printer driver, cannot set up this size, with which to make to pdf. I seem to recall in previous years, being able to select the pdf driver in Page Setup, use custom sizes, and select whatever I want. I also do not see the pdf driver available in the system prefs Print Fax option to add as a printer.

     Is there a way to do this without installing a 3rd party pdf driver?