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PDF print using merge fields

Question asked by yomango on May 29, 2015
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PDF print using merge fields


Hello, fellow forists. Through a script I created a PDF 52 page report. The data taken by the script gets pasted on a temporary table, in three fields which get sorted. Two fields go on sub-summary parts and the third one is the merge field going on the body. The merge field and the the field on the sub-summary immediately above. are set to slide up so the whole report prints consecutively. As you can observe in the attached file, numeral 8 (field in the sub'-summary)  gets printed on top of the page and the corresponding text gets printed on the next page leaving a big blank space. On the layout I dragged the boundaries of the merge field to be as big as the page to give room to the merge fields that occupy the entire page.  What can I do to correct that issue? I am using FM13. I remeber that on older versions, the merge field expanded or contracted with the amount of  text in it.,