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    PDF print using merge fields



      PDF print using merge fields


      Hello, fellow forists. Through a script I created a PDF 52 page report. The data taken by the script gets pasted on a temporary table, in three fields which get sorted. Two fields go on sub-summary parts and the third one is the merge field going on the body. The merge field and the the field on the sub-summary immediately above. are set to slide up so the whole report prints consecutively. As you can observe in the attached file, numeral 8 (field in the sub'-summary)  gets printed on top of the page and the corresponding text gets printed on the next page leaving a big blank space. On the layout I dragged the boundaries of the merge field to be as big as the page to give room to the merge fields that occupy the entire page.  What can I do to correct that issue? I am using FM13. I remeber that on older versions, the merge field expanded or contracted with the amount of  text in it., 


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          It will not expand past the size of the text block that contains it. And if it does not fill the space alloted, the rest remains as a blank page unless you specify that the text block "Slide up" and also to "resize enclosing part".

          There is inf fact, no need to use merge fields unless you need to "flow" the contents of several fields, possibly combined with layout text objects into a single paragraph like block of text--which looks to be the case here, but I'm checking to be sure.

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            Thank you PhilModJunk for taking the time to comment. I am taking the data from a table which contains several answer fields  in a single record, each answer falls in a different category.So I use the script to create as many records needed out of one record from the original table and paste the information into three fields, one of them is the merge field, the other two are for the categories. I use "slide up"and "resize enclosing part", but that particular numeral (8) gets printed by itself on a page, I do not know why the merge field does not slide up like on the other pages. The only thing I see it could cause that is that the merge field under that numeral does occupy a whole page and I am not sure if FileMaker can carry over text to a second page.like braking the text in two pages. I did place the regular field not the  merge field in the body and the result is the same, numeral 8 gets split into two pages. Thank you

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              What version of FileMaker are you using?

              Is the data that is split into two pages all in the same field?

              Are there sub summary parts in this layout?

              Have you checked the data in the field for additional invisible characters like a long string of returns?

              Are there any layout objects -- even graphic objects such as a horizontal line not set to "slide up/resize"?

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                Hi. On my first post I mentioned I am using FM13. I tried the printing with FM14 but it does the same. I also mentioned that the table with the data to be printed has two sub summary parts and one body part. The fields on each part are optioned to "slide up" and "resize...". There is nothing after the merge field to take up space. The merge field is made of a looping script which collects several answers according to a search criteria. Again, what I notice is that the question with answers filling a whole page, can´t be broken into two pages. But I could be wrong and do not know how to brake make the field wrap around a second page if needed.  Thank you

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                  It's really hard to see much from the screen shot shown as to how your layout is designed.

                  There's a setting in Part setup that specifies whether a layout part can break across a page break. But a field should be able to split across a page break without trouble.

                  There is nothing after the merge field to take up space.

                  But what about non printing data, such as return characters that are IN the merge field? You wouldn't be able to see them, but they would affect how a field slides up/resizes.

                  There is a known issue with page breaks when a layout design includes sliding fields and sub summary layout parts, but it was my impression that this was corrected in FileMaker 14.

                  The original bug report can be found here: Frustrating subsummary bug



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                    Thank you, PhimodJunk. I really appreciate your interest. The layout is designed to have two sub-summary parts and a body.Three fields on the table. One field on each sub summary and the third field in the body. The text or merge field boundary in the body is expanded to the page boundary.When choosing a sub-summary part, there´s an option to “allow text to split across a page” but it hasn´t  work on my case. I am going to check on the link you attached.



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                      Update. I replaced the body part for a sub summary and the blank space I ahad before was reduce considerably, but still there´s 25% of banck space. I guess I have to live with it. Thank you

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                        A verbal description really isn't much to go on. A screen shot taken in layout mode might reveal details worthy of more discussion.

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                          Hello. Here it goes. Three subsummaries  with a field on each one. 

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