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PDF Printing hangs FM Pro 10

Question asked by confluence on Oct 27, 2009
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PDF Printing hangs FM Pro 10


I have one user (out of 8) that prints invoices out of FileMaker 10 to PDF files. She has Acrobat 8 Pro installed (fully updated). The database she accesses is on a network share. Some times she opens it directly from the share, other times somebody else on the network is sharing the database. The problem she's experiencing happens either way.

When she selects the record and then selects print, then the PDF printer, FM hangs. It only happens occasionally. I just experienced it this morning, but it has worked correctly on subsequent attempts.

I don't know a great deal about Filemaker, but I can supply any info necessary (I think).

The server is a Windows 2008 SBS, and her workstation is XP SP3 (as they all are in the office).