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    PDF Rendering in Web Viewer



      PDF Rendering in Web Viewer



           iPad with FMgo

           This is a bit odd and I want to make this work properly.

           We receive pdf files that we save them in a dropbox folder. That file is shared and the shared link gets entered in a text field.
           That txt field is then used as custom web address on a web viewer

           The issues encountered are:

           1. Ipad FM go would not display/render the PDF file
           2. All PCs on our network render them fine
           3. All macs on our network render them fine

           I am trying to find out why the PDF is not rendering correctly on the iPad

           Any suggestions?

           Thanks in advance

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               In order for FM GO to access a file, it must be in the FM GO "sand box". It cannot find/open files located outside that area--such as a file in a drop box account.

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                 Found something interesting on this - and the original request/question above DID NOT include the fact that all the work was being done off of the iPad. we use the iPad only for viewing purposes. Tried to do everything on iPad this time and it worked flawlessly

                 It can actually work


                 1. Upload file to dropbox shared folder
                 2.  copy link to shared file to clipboard
                 3. paste on FM text field
                 4. That same field is the CUSTOM URL/Web address for the FM web Viewer
                 5. Once PDF link is generated on web viewer, click on the download button and PDF gets rendered within the web viewer