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PDF Save/Send Creation Crashes 11.0v3

Question asked by on Jun 22, 2011
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PDF Save/Send Creation Crashes 11.0v3


I have read through the multiple posts on this issue, but have not been able to resolve it by the suggested plist deletion methods discussed.

I have a simple layout comprised of 2 pictures (created using insert picture on layout.  Source of picture file is a PDF document.  The pdf document is a simple form with lines and text)

FMP Advanced MAC 11.0v3 crashes or hangs during pdf creation.  I can see the file created on the destination (desktop), and viewing the file shows only the fields text data, and not the images, so I suspect the images are at issue here.

TSGAL...can I send this (db and source pdf used to import image into FMP) to you for testing/duplication/advise?