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Question asked by raykennedy on Dec 30, 2010


PDF Tools


I am curious. Has anyone had much success in working with multi-page PDF's and manipulating them within Filmaker Pro. I find it very useful that you can use the Quicktime insert to view them on the Mac but I was wondering if there is a solution for layering text on top the PDF's.

Example, in my job I many times have to put dynamic data on the very top and sometimes very bottom of large array of PDF's. Some of this data might be account numbers, phone numbers, emails etc. I may have up to a 100 page pdf and would like to possible automate this. Basically adding the same data across the top of the PDFs.

I know I can accomplish this with a single page PDF by simply putting the a field above the container field and printing out the whole page. The only way I found to get the multi-page PDF's out of filemaker once inserted was to export the field contents but it of course won't take any additions you add.

Hope that makes sense. It might be asking for a lot but I was curious if anyone accomplished something like this before. Not the end of the world, just curious.