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PDF's in a a Popover contained in a Portal

Question asked by j.hall on Jul 17, 2014
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PDF's in a a Popover contained in a Portal


     So I have created a list of Popover buttons in a portal. When you click them I want it to display the PDFs related to that record.

     I have gotten the sense that this just isn't going to work, even after reading that it SHOULD work, at least to some extent on the Mac. It's not working.

     My guess is that it doesn't work because of how Popovers work in portals. Being they are interactive content that limits them in much the same way as a Web Viewer would.

     I'm thinking about making it setup in a new window and just working it that way, unless someone can give me an idea that I'm missing something. But I don't think I am.

     Any confirmation, denial, or even "Man you're an idiot" would be helpful. smiley