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PDF's in containers

Question asked by JohnKimball on Jan 20, 2011
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PDF's in containers


Just upgraded to FMpro 11. I've noticed something a bit unusual that I don't like. I opened a DB I created in FMpro 9 that used containers to store PDF files of material quotes from vendors. After opening the file in FMpro 11, the PDF's won't open anymore. Furthermore, It appears that it has only stored the image of the first page. In FMpro 9, you would use the 'insert object' command then choose PDF. A scaled down image would appear in the container and double clicking it would open the file. Now, in FMpro 11, You can either 'insert Picture' or 'insert file'. Inserting picture only displays the first page image (as big as your container size) and inserting file only displays a generic icon image in the container. Furthermore, the file will only open if you store it as a reference file. Does anybody have any advice or suggestions?

One more tidbit. In FMpro 9, you could drag and drop the PDF files onto the container. This feature seems to be disabled in 11.

OOPS... Just realized that i created the file in FMpro 10 for windows. For the first time in my life I have to admit that something on Windows may have more functionality than the Mac version. I'd still like to hear comments or suggestions for a Mac solution.