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    PDF's not displayed in copied FMP12 file



      PDF's not displayed in copied FMP12 file


           Re: FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced v2

           I copied an FMP12  database with PDF's in a container field to a second computer where the  PDF's are not displayed in the container field. Instead Adobe reader opens up showing the PDF.

           The same file works fine on the computer (desktop) I originally created the file on and not on the other (laptop). Both with Win 7 64-bit. I can't find any setting that will fix it and wonder if there's a bug. Anyone seen anything like this?
           Hoping someone has come across this!

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               Not an answer, I'm afraid. i have the reverse problem.

               I want the files to open in an adobe window and not in Filemaker. We have just migrated to FM12 from FM5, big jump but it used to work on the previous version and not on this.

               Also using on of the templates (product catalog), dragging a PDF file into one of the containers does not show a preview of the PDF, nor can you open it.

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                 In the layout mode, select your container field and use the Data Tab on the Inspector.  At the bottom of the inspector select...

            Interactive content  box

                 Also to use PDF with Adobe try Export file and select open application.


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                   Ooopps!  I need another cup of coffee.

                   Not Export file... but Export Field Contents.... 

                   In Browse mode  you can Right click the container field to get the Export Field Contents... and the next window select..

                   Automatically open file....

                   This will create a temporary file and Open Adobe or Preview [Mac optional] with the PDF contents.

                   Note that FMP is not a PDF file editor and viewing or printing from FMP there is a minor distoration or not crisp as it is from Adobe or Preview.

                   I normally put these files in  a Temporary Folder for houskeeping to be purged periodically.


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                     Thanks Jim, that was very helpful

                     I created a script to do that and associated it with a button. In my case the file always saves with the same name and thus never fills the folder.

                     In the old version (FM5), the PDF opened automatially. In the converted version it it still does, but I cannot see where the difference is!

                     This has been a big help, but I am wondering if I am out of my depth.


                     Thanks again

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                       @ David

                       As long as you are using a PDF editor [licensed by Adobe such as Apple's Preview] it will be crisp and clear.


                       Adobe makes sure that a image of their PDF file [such as FMP does in a container field] it is readable and printable, but slightly blurred.cool

                       I also script a button to..

                       Export, open PDF viewer and give instructions to a user on what to do and what just happened and why.


                       On a multi-user database, these tempory files must be named differently so that one user doesn't stomp on another user and the temporty file could be saved on the server computer not on the users computer...

                       I put them in a Temporary Folder.

                       I chimed in this post because i had to do the same thing as both of you and I was over my head AT FIRST!




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                         If the files were inserted with the "store a reference" option selected, the container fields do not store physical copies of the files but just references to their location. Copying the file to a different computer can then create a situations where the fields no longer store file paths to the files that are still valid.

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                           FIXED...Adobe Reader X had to be restarted standalone and after I clicked through the license agreement etc. FMP started to display PDF's  fine. This could be related to my experience in having to start ActiveX EXE applications manually before they work remotely?? I guess Acrobat was not 100% installed somehow. Might have to do this after updates?