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PDFs and FM 13 Layouts

Question asked by gregdc on Oct 15, 2014


PDFs and FM 13 Layouts


I have just received a request for a layout that will store bi-annual reports for directors.  The report has some metadata at the top, then 7 large text sections.   Given the limited formatting capability of the FM Text box I am wondering about doing a call out to a PDF form, let them do their text work there, and then store the PDF in a container in the database.   

Does this sound doable?   I am at a lose for doing this sort of thing.   What program could I call out to for the PDF creation and editing?  How would I pass the document back to the container?  Would this PDF be printable with the Metadata inserted into fields on the top of the report? (Name of reporter, dates, etc)  Is there a PDF program out there that will handle South American Spanish and Protegees?