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PDFs display differently in container fields

Question asked by DavidGregg on Jun 4, 2012
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PDFs display differently in container fields


We noticed a difference in the way PDF files are displaying in FM12. On some of our machines a PDF placed in a container field will display as if a version of Acrobat Pro is running within the container field window. There are bookmarks and other artifacts of a full featured Acrobat window. If we move the same DB to another machine the container field window displayes the PDF but the Acrobat look and functionality are gone and if you hover over the bottom of the screen  a limited tool set becomes visible with zoom, open in preview, and save to download. Both machines are Macs running 10.6 with Acrobat Pro installed (but not running) on them. We can't seem to find a logical connection on the display difference. We are using FM12 for a DB of all our marketing PDF files and would like them to display with the full functioned Acrobat look on all our machines. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.