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PDFs don't display (preview) in the container field any more

Question asked by JackSaward on Feb 5, 2015
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PDFs don't display (preview) in the container field any more


I have container fields in my databases and for some reason they won't display any more in the preview, it just shows a blank screen. I have attached an image (the preview is in the box under "original report").

No settings have been changed, this was working fine for at least a year and in the last month or so it has started to happen.

it happens on all clients connected to the server, so I don't know if this is server based or client based. The PDF files are stored on a shared folder on the Server computer.

You can export the field data and still get the PDF file so it seems that the only problem is with the preview in filemaker.

Any suggestions on getting this working again? thanks.