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    PDFs in container fields



      PDFs in container fields


           I am unable to load a pdf into a container field even though the interactive content for the PDF is selected . I have looked into the abode reader and filemaker preferences and cant find what I am doing wrong.... Any sugguestions


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               Move the container field out of the portal. Interactive optimization does not work when the container field is located inside a portal row.

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                 I have already tried that and still doesn't work on a normal layout....

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                   Since the portal is specifying a field from a related table, is "allow creation of records via this relationship" enabled for the portal table in the relationship set up for this portal?

                   If you just drag the field out of the portal and this is not enabled, you may not be able to insert anything into the field if no record yet exists in the related table.

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                     Final got the pdf to work on a normal layout, is there any way to have a pdf container field beside my portal and act as a viewer when I select one portal row with all my pdfs in ?  (i.e when I select the portal row with the pdf I want to see it loads up in the pdf viewer)

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                       I believe one of the FileMaker starter solutions has something like this set up.

                       You can place a global container field outside the portal optimized for interactive content.

                       You can use button setup to turn your container field inside the portal row into a button or you can place a button in the portal row with it to perform this one step script:

                       Set Field [ YourTable::GlobalContainerField ; PortalTable::ContainerField ]

                       The field does not actually have to be a global field, but in a shared database, it can be a better option as different users won't see each other's files appear in this field when the other user clicks a container field when the field is a global field.