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    PDFs in Container Files



      PDFs in Container Files


           I'm using FM12v3 and am not able to successfully put PDF files in container fields. I have defined the container field as interactive and when I insert the PDF I set store reference only. When the PDF is first inserted, it opens with Acrobat Reader which I then close to get back to Filemaker. There is no indication in the container field that it contains anything and clicking in the field does nothing. Other options, pictures, movies,etc. work fine. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

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               Which option from the insert menu are you using to insert the file?

               Did you click on/in the field to give it the focus before selecting an insert method?

               "interactive" is an option specified at the layout level. Are you still doing this on the layout where you selected that data format?

               Is the field inside a portal? (Interactive features don't work when the container is inside a portal.)

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                 PhilModJunk..Thank you for your resonse. I'm using Insert PDF from the Insert menu after clicking on the container field to give it focus. I set the interactive mode from layout mode and am trying to Insert the PDF on the same layout. Another bit of information is everytime I switch from layout mode to browse mode the PDF automatically opens in Adobe Reader after which left or right clicking on the container field yields nothing. Also I failed to mention I'm running Windows 7.

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                   Is the field inside a portal?

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                     PhilModJunk.. There is a portal on the layout but the container field is not part of the portal.

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                       This sounds like an Adobe Reader option and not FMP.  When you download a PDF from  the internet, does Adobe auto open?


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                         Jim...Thanks for the feedback.To check your comment I  downloaded a PDF from the internet and it did not auto open. I also added another interactive container field and inserted a PDF. It acts the same as the other one, that is there is no indication(no icon) there is a PDF in the container, it looks completely empty, and when I switch layout modes or open the file the pdf in the first container opens and when I close it the pdf in the second container opens.

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                           I am running Mac 10.7 and FMP12v2 adv and cannot duplicate your problem.

                           Nomally the application Adobe reader must be "called" to open.  FMP12 does have that option but it is not automatic in my setup.  Typically a script or script trigger must "call" the appplication.  In the OS mode, double clicking the pdf file, does the application "call'.

                           One last trouble shooting thought is to create a New FMP12 program with just one container field and retry you situation.  If you repeat the errant behavior, i think you have a FMP bug.  If not, then something within you existing DB has the triggering "call".


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                             Are you using Mac or Windows? Like Jim, I can't reproduce what you are describing. I'm using Windows XP at the moment but can also use my laptop to check behavior in Windows 7.

                             You can also upload a cloned copy of your file to a sharing site such as Drop Box and then post the download link here if you'd like us to take a look at your file.

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                               I am running FileMaker 12 Advanced on  Windows 7.. To simplify the problem, I just created a new database with one table and one field which is an interactive container field. When I insert a PDF (reference only) it acts the same as my previous post when I was running a much more complex database. When I put focus on the field and use the insert PDF command it opens the PDF with Adobe Reader 9. When I close Adobe and return to FileMaker there is no indication there is a PDF in the container field, that is, the field is blank and when I click into the field there is no reponse. Furthermore when I switch from layout mode to browse  the PDF opens. Also, when I open the database the PDF opens. Where do I go from here? .


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                                 Have you remove and reinstall Adobe Reader?  I have FMP 12 Adv 12.0v3 running on windows 7 and I do not have this problem.

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                                        On the simple single field DB, how did you "use the insert PDF command"?  


                                        There are 3 ways within FMP 12 that I know of...


                                        1) Menu bar "insert PDF..."


                                        2) Right click in Container field to get a "pop-up Menu" and select Insert PDF...


                                        3) Script Step .... Insert PDF [   ]

                                   I don't suspect that these are the problem, but I think something else is "intercepting" your mouse or keyboard commands.

                                   You might try a simple script to Insert PDF....  thus eliminating a potential Windows OS Level intercept. 

                                   Also try another computer with the simple test DB.


                                   PS: Please keep this forum updated on your progress...yes

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                                     Please note that Adobe shouldn't be launching like this each time you insert a PDF. The PDF should just appear in the field.

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                                       Success!! Based on your comments I uninstalled Adobe Reader 9.3 and installed Adobe Reader XI. Everything now works as it should. Thanks to all of you who helped me with this problem. It's great to know you are there.