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PDFs in Containers

Question asked by TKnTexas on Feb 25, 2015


PDFs in Containers


My co-worker and I want to scan our receivers before processing with the invoice.  One method will not need FileMaker.  The second will.  We are scanning these to a folder on the network, from two to four page PDFs.  I can use the Import Folder Script to import these.  

As we view the new import we will key the Search Key from reading the PDF.  This will help us locate the correct receiver if we need it later.  

My problem comes from trying to print the PDF.   Opening this with FileMaker on Win7, there is a PDF toolbar that shows up when the mouse is hovered over the image.  Clicking the Printer Icon does bring up a Print Dialog.  But that is as far as it goes.  I cannot print.  

On the Mac I do not get that toolbar.  My co-worker and I will be sharing this peer-to-peer with Standard FileMaker 13 on Win7.  I have been using FMP for a while, but these functions are new for me.  He is a complete noobie so I want to make the experience as good as I can for him.