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      Hi, we pay our staff into their bank accounts electronically.
      our database field is Bank_account which we input how much the person gets paid..No problem.

      some people have 3 bank accounts. the boss wants a way to put a percentage against the other 2 accounts.
      So if he puts 30% on bank_account 2 and 70% on bank_account 3 the money is worked out and distributed across those accounts.

      Is this possible?

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          I would have a beginning field call PayAmount.  Your solution should have an Employees table, a Bank Accounts table (and within that bank account record, a number called Percent to say how much should be transferred. 


          Then script would transfer (using Set Field[]) from PayAmount to each account accordingly so for the 30% would be: 


          Round ( Bank_Account * .3 ; 2 )


          You could then just put the balance in the 70% or you will need to come up with business rule on how the fraction of cents are handled. :smileyhappy:


          UPDATE:  I suggest using script to manually set number fields for transfer because it never fails that someone will want a change because of life situations.  Setting fields allows adjustments whereas calculation fields will not.

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            Thanks I will try it