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Peer to Peer Sharing problem - Confused -  Help needed

Question asked by fxdb on Jan 27, 2010
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Peer to Peer Sharing problem - Confused -  Help needed


Im hoping somebody can help with this one... Its driving me insane..


First off, I am aware of most of the issues surrounding peer to peer networking and most of the work arounds

Such as Open Ports, Firewalls, Bonjour etc.. but have exhausted my current experience on this one..


The setup  

The Host and Client machines are running Windows XP sp3 and Filemaker Pro 10v3

Sharing takes place between 4 PC's 1 host, 3 clients (or should) 

Our solution uses a launcher file, which calls the url with the ip address 

All running on a wired local network. 


The problem 

2 PCs can access the hosted files with no issues whatsoever 100% of the time.


The Third PC is the strange one..

Even with bonjour installed, the open remote dialog will never show any hosted files

The launcher file we use, will occasionally ( 5% of the time) connect to the host without an issue. 

The other 95% of the time it just throws up that the files are unavailable.


I can Ping the host from this computer without delays, or issues

I can also browse remote files / folders on the host machines. 

I can create a new fp7 file on this client machine, which can be opened 100% of the time on the 'host' machine


Just to make it even more interesting..  

They have another older 'host machine' which is basically switched off so not interfering in any way.

If they turn off the 'new host' (one with issues) and start the 'old host'  which is running XP Sp3 with FMP9

With this, all of the clients connect without issues 100% of the time.


So, from one perspective it seems like the client PC has the issues

However from the other, it seems like its the new host PC with the issues 


Although I would love to suggest that they 'switch-a-roo' their computers, unfortunately this is not an option, there is far too much involved in doing that.  The old host is just that... an old PC which is now unreliable.


I have un-installed, cleared the registry of any references and re-installed FMP 10 on both the host and problem client machines to no avail. Neither of which have any previous filemaker versions installed.

I have also removed and re-installed bonjour on both.



I'm having a hard job getting my head around what could be causing this bizarre issue and would really appreciate absolutely any advice or things to consider which I may be overlooking.